4 Online Business Ideas With Low Start-Up Cost

Are you interested in starting your own business, but you have a very small budget to start with? The idea of starting a business has long been viewed as a very expensive venture and is only a common practice among a small group of people. Thankfully, the technology era has leveled the playing field for starting a business. It is now possible to get started with very little cash. And by gaining the right knowledge and skills, you can own a very lucrative business. In this article, I have compiled a list of 4 profitable online business ideas that you can start, with just a laptop and internet access.1. Become A Website Developer.Website development has created many business opportunities over the past couple of decades. Now that there are open source platforms like WordPress, it is quite possible for anyone with a computer/laptop and an internet connection can become a website developer, even if you have basic technical skills. If you are uncertain of whether or not you are able to start a business, creating websites for clients, then a short, informal online course in WordPress can fill in the blanks and give you the confidence to offer your service to potential clients.In addition to, website development, you can offer hosting services to your clients. And no, you don’t have to own a server. You can get hosting services for very little money. You can then offer the service as part of your package for website development. This price is usually set a bit higher than what you pay for the hosting.Online business ideas like website development, don’t require that you have a business space, so if you are strapped for cash and don’t want to incur the monthly cost of an internet bill, then this is the kind of business for you. You can take your laptop to your favorite cafe shop, and make use of their free internet service. Make sure you buy something from the shop, as this will keep you and the business owner happy.2. Start An Online Store.This is one of the most lucrative online business ideas I know of. You can start a business online, selling your own products, or selling other people’s products. The clear advantage of this business model is that you are not restricted by creativity, or location. If you do not have a product, and don’t have the slightest idea how to come up with one, then you can earn huge commissions from selling other people’s product. This is one of the few online business ideas that you can start with no money.If you don’t have an online store, it would cost very little for you to set one up for yourself, or have someone set one up for you. As mentioned before, open source platforms like WordPress and Joomla makes it possible for anyone to create a website. WordPress has great support along with free plugins that can make it very easy for you to create an online store with a shopping cart and an automated checkout system.However, if the monthly cost of hosting is still above your budget, then you can make use of free e-Commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy and Amazon. There is no monthly fee to sell your products, and you only pay a small fee for listing your product.3. Become a Social Media Manager.New social media platforms are springing up all over the internet. These social media platforms have huge audiences at any given time of the day. This makes it important for businesses to create and maintain a social presence on these social media platforms if they want to be visible to potential customers.This need for a social media presence has created a new and unique business opportunity. It is very tedious to spend time creating content to add to the social media platforms. And with so many platforms to have to keep track of, it can be a full-time job.Many companies are in need of a social media manager, and you can help. This is one of the online business ideas that will not become saturated. New companies are emerging every day and need to maintain a social media presence. So you will never run short of a potential client list.It is very easy to create content and maintain a several social media accounts. You can use platforms like Hootsuite to manage several social media accounts simultaneously.You can schedule posts and content for several weeks in advance. You can then charge clients a monthly fee for managing these accounts, which will be a lot less than having to hire an employee to provide this service full-time.4. Become a Mobile App Developer.Before you decide that mobile app development is only for those individuals who have spent years or more pursuing a formal education in coding, you might want to read this.It is possible for non-techs to create mobile apps for clients with no coding skills. You can use mobile content management platforms like MAPS – Mobile Apps Productions Software.These platforms allow you to create mobile apps and publish them to the Google Play and Apple app stores. In addition to publishing the apps on the app stores, the content management platforms allow you to provide back-end access to clients so that they can manage and update their mobile apps. You can also maintain the apps on the client’s behalf and charge an additional monthly fee for management and hosting of the mobile app.More than 91% of the world’s population have a cell phone or mobile device. And as consumers become more attached to their mobile devices and more demanding of what it can provide and provide quickly, the demand for mobile apps will be even greater. More than 95% of businesses do not have a mobile app for their business. You can create a mobile app for these businesses at a price that they can afford. This is one of the online business ideas that has very little competition and huge earning potentials.Looking for More Online Business Ideas?While you may find lots of online business ideas on the internet, it is important to note that being successful in any business requires that you acquire the skills and knowledge of creating the business or service.

Why Online Businesses Make Better Business Sense Than Offline Businesses

Nowadays, most businesses are taking advantage of the technical advances of the internet. The internet now means that we can be connected to others at all times and there is no such thing as closing time when it comes to putting through sales. The internet also means that we can all stay up to date with what is going on around the world, all at a click of a mouse.It comes as no surprise then that many people are choosing to start online business instead of setting up an offline business or finding a job. So, what is it that makes people turn to the internet instead of good old fashioned business?Well, the first attraction is the cost-effective nature of setting up an online business. The first thing that springs to mind when you first start thinking about setting up a business is cost. You start thinking “How much am I going to need to spend in order to make a profit” and “How much do I need to get started?” However, when it comes to setting up an online business, all you really need is a PC or a laptop and an internet server and away you go! Of course it’s not quite that simple, you will still need to advertise and market yourself but you can do this online. With an offline business, you will need to use traditional methods of marketing such as brochures and posters but with the internet marketing is made easy. It may cost you a bomb to design hundreds of brochures and distribute them but it doesn’t cost you anything to send out thousands of emails to your customers!Marketing is a lot more efficient when you do it online. It can take up valuable promotional time designing and delivering brochures to houses and businesses in the area but with email all you need do is press a button and thousands of emails will be sent out. As well as making marketing more efficient, running an online business eliminates the need to travel to work everyday as your office is now in your very own home! It also means that your business can travel around with you wherever you go, as long as you have your laptop with you.An online business doesn’t require a big workforce, unless it becomes very successful and grows in the future. In the initial stages of set-up, the only staff you will need are yourself, your laptop and your software. This eliminates the hassle of having to hire, train and pay additional staff.Once you have set up your website and arranged hosting, your online business will literally start working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The beauty of the internet is that it never sleeps so interest can be flooding in all day every day. With an online business you won’t have to go through the hassle of meeting clients as you will be able to do all your communication via email. You also won’t be restricted by where your customers are in the world as the internet allows you to communicate and trade with people all over the world.With an online business you can do business wherever you are in the world. You can be working at home, on the train, in a restaurant or even in bed if you want to! It really is clear that an online business can bring you the kind of advantages that offline business never can.